SKU: BJJ-V6-BLK V6 BJJ GI + Free White Belt | Black

V6 BJJ GI + Free White Belt | Black

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The Quintessential Jiu Jitsu GI

Perfect for training or competition for all experience level BJJ players.

Using a 450 gram pearl weave jacket and 11 oz. super comfortable twill cotton pants this Jiu Jitsu GI could easily be priced at upwards of $140.

Not to mention we are including a free white belt making it a perfect solution for new practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or for academy's looking to offer a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu GI with everything needed for a new student.

This uniform is IBJJF legal and Weight size A-3 Jacket & Pants = 3lbs 9oz.

*Please note that in Oct of 2020 all v6 gis have transitioned from a white CRNR shoulder patch to red (as shown in the photos). During this transition, you may receive either model . There is no difference in quality, style or anything else other than this very subtle color change.

Product Specifications

    • Jacket
      • 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton construction
      • One Piece Construction, No back seam
      • High Def. Embroidery and Labeling
      • Durable 450 gram lightweight PEARL weave perfect for all weather conditions
      • Fast Drying RIGID lightweight EVA filled collar
    • Pants
      • Durable 11 oz. drill cotton construction
      • 6 draw string loops
      • Stretchy rope drawstring
      • “Stepped” Waist design keeps pants in place
      • Double layered angle pattern knees
    • Overall
      • All Triple stitched & Gusset reinforced seams
      • Include high quality BJJ belt with black tab
      • Quadruple stitched hems (Jacket and Pants)
    • Womens & Kids Sizes
    • Care Instructions
WARNING: California Prop 65

V6 BJJ GI + Free White Belt | Black

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Ordered this as a training Gi for Instructing MMa class grappling days and love the plain black with subtle patches plenty of space to add your own school logos and super light weight. the gentle collar is a plus. easy to move in. im 6 ft 140 and use A4

Sensei Jarod

First Gi holding together well

This Gi was provided to me by the Veteran Bushido Brotherhood which is a Non-Profit organization helping Veterans through training and structure.
The 450g pearl weave is extremely durable but not negatively stiff.
Being that it being as tough as it is and IBJJF legal means that this single gi will last a practitioner throughout a long portion of their JiuJitsu journey.


My Go To gi

This is one of the best fitting gis I have ever worn. Lightweight and comfortable yet comfortable, it has become my favorite gi to train in. I train 3 to 4 times a week and have owned it almost a year with zero rips or fading issues. I highly recommend!

Ben Carpenter

V6 Gi for academy

Weve been ordering from combat corner for a little over a year now. The gis are very well made and have lasted all my students. Now we have a few of the V6 in and man they are slick.

Material isnt too thick but feels very durable on the top. Reminds me of some VHTS productions. The pants are a nice cloth and feel very durable without being too thick.

Size seems to fit all the students well, although I prefer a little more fitted pant towards the bottom. The tops are perfect.

Colors are very true to what they say. Black is black and doesnt seem to fade much. Navy is very popular here and stays true to color. Blue is very blue but it works. And white is so clean.

Overall these are quality pieces and I will continue to work with this company.

Mat Brooks