BJJ Gi Patch: The Complete Guide by Combat Corner

Posted by Shane Baganz on Oct 1st 2020


There are many different types of patches you could select for your GI. How do you know that what you are ordering is the right thing for you and your students?

All too often, I hear of gyms ordering patches from somewhere and not being satisfied with how they turned out.

The first step in being satisfied with what you order, no matter what that is or where it's from, is to educate yourself on what you are ordering. This goes beyond patches but I'll stick to discussing those in this blog. So, without further ado I'll get into 3 different patch styles: Embroidered, Woven and Dye Sublimated.

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Embroidered BJJ Gi Patch, Jiu Jitsu Patch

Embroidered BJJ GI Patches

Probably best defined as the "classic Gi patch." The embroidery is threaded onto a substrate. This gives them 3 dimensional look compared to woven and dye sublimated patches. This is because a thicker thread is utilized in embroidery. These are best used to make imagery "pop." They are not however, a good choice when desiring a finely detailed image with lots of shading and varying hues.

Woven BJJ Gi Patch, Jiu Jitsu Patch

Woven Jiu Jitsu Gi Patches

These Gi Patches utilize a thinner thread and are not woven onto a substrate.

Woven Gi patches have a more traditional look and feel without being 3 dimensional. They lay flat in comparison to embroidered patches.

Since the thread is thinner, more detail can be put into this patch in relation to numbers, letters, shading, or other small characteristics. If you want a traditional look and feel and need to have a moderate level of detail, this is your patch.

Dye Sublimated Patch, Dye Sublimated Patches

Dye Sublimated Patches

These are a more "modern" style of Gi Patch. While both embroidered and woven patches are created by stitching threads onto a backing material; dye sublimated patches, are created by using ink to create a design on the patch material directly.

This results in a thinner more flexible patch that can host a high level of detail. If you are concerned about snags or cracking over time and want digital print quality on your patches, look no further!

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