BJJ Custom Gis

Academy Gi Program

Customized Gi's & Patches
Order any of our BJJ GI’s and we can customize it by producing and sewing on your academy patches in house. Choose the size, placement, number of patches & design and select between high end DyeSublimated, Embroidered & Woven Gi Patches with overlock finish edges.
No Minimum Quantity
Tired of ordering more stuff than you want because your supplier has minimum order quantities? That's over. The Combat Corner Academy Gi program has no minimum quantities, so you can order exactly what you need, whether that means 1 gi or 100.
Super Fast Turnaround
Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with overseas manufacturers with long wait times and communication issues. Our gis are right here in Milwaukee, WI and, after initial setup, usually take 2-3 business days to sew, with all orders shipping from the continental US.

Quality Gi's

Custom Patches

Fast Turnaround

No Minimums

High Profits

Combat Corner Academy Gi program has been tremendous! Great pricing. Phenomenal quality. Fast and attentive service. No complaints here! Highly recommended!!!.
Mark Vives
New Breed Training Center
2x No-Gi Pans, 4x US National Champion
High Quality Gi's
v6 Jiujitsu Gi
The v6 BJJ GI is perfect for training and competition at all experience levels. Using a 450 gram pearl weave jacket and 11 oz. super comfortable twill cotton pants, this gi easily outperforms much more expensive gi’s. Includes a FREE White Belt!
Classic Kimono
The Classic Kimono is the perfect balance of performance & durability with a classic exterior. The kimono’s blank canvas make it a perfect choice for any academy or team to add patches to. Includes a FREE White Belt!
Recruit Youth BJJ Gi
Created to meet the demands of school owners across the country, this gi is lightweight, comfortable, and strong enough to withstand every day wear and tear. Perfect for the student just beginning or one who is on a budget. Includes a FREE White Belt!
BJJLife CompLite
At 2.4 lbs (A-1) the BJJ Life CompLite 2 Competition BJJ GI is amongst the lightest in the industry. The Fitted pattern pairs with lightweight yet very strong material, maximizing mobility and limited loose materials for your opponent’s grips.
BJJLife CompTrainer
The BJJ Life CompTrainer is the perfect all purpose GI. The 450 gram jacket and 11 oz. Pants are lightweight and flexible but durable enough to withstand heavy duty training sessions day in and out. Don't get surprised, train in what you compete in!
This is the best Brazilian jiu jitsu GI on the market for kids. The elastic waist eliminates the need to tighten the pants constantly. With the same high quality as the adult model, CompKid gis are great for training and competition. Includes a Free STAYTied White Belt!

Custom Patches
Dye Sublimated Patches

These are a more "modern" style of Gi Patch. While both embroidered and woven patches are created by stitching threads onto a backing material; dye sublimated patches are created using a process that permanently dyes your logo directly into the patch material.

This results in a thinner more flexible patch that can host a high level of detail. If you are concerned about snags or cracking over time and want digital print quality on your patches, look no further!

Embroidered Patches

Probably best defined as the "classic Gi patch." The embroidery is threaded onto a substrate. This gives them 3 dimensional look compared to woven and dye sublimated patches and give you that classic textured feel.

This is because a thicker thread is utilized in embroidery. These are best used to make imagery "pop." They are not however, a good choice when desiring a finely detailed image with lots of shading and varying hues.

Woven Patches

These Gi Patches utilize a thinner thread and have a traditional look and feel without being 3 dimensional. They lay flat in comparison to embroidered patches.

Since the thread is thinner, more detail can be put into this patch in relation to numbers, letters, shading, or other small characteristics. If you want a traditional look and feel and need to have a moderate level of detail, this is your patch.

How we make your gis
Eight Customizable Zones