SKU: KS-1 StrikeTuff Punch & Kick Shield 2.0

StrikeTuff Punch & Kick Shield 2.0


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Practice a wide range of offensive techniques such as punches, kicks, and knees with our durable and safe StrikeTuff Punch & Kick Shield.

  • Curved design to "catch" all strikes
  • Rounded edges
  • Heavy Duty nylon handles with unique elastic bracing system
  • Dense Multi-layered padding w/ shock absorbing center layer
  • Duracle StrikeTuff Vinyl shell
  • 25" tall
  • 15.5" wide
  • 5" thick
WARNING: California Prop 65

StrikeTuff Punch & Kick Shield 2.0

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Couldn’t ask for more

The curve on this for monstrous round house kicks is phenomenal!

Jonathan Zavala


Gets the job done!

Shane Walker

Kick shields

I can’t begin to explain how dope these are! Not only are they durable and can take a huge heavy fuckin kick and absorb the blunt of it saving the pad holder damage to the leg but there are so many options for handles and placement. Will never purchase another brand!

Ashley wilhelm

Kick Shield

Super durable and absorbs the blows really well. We use them to do partner drills using heavy kicks and they don’t even fold. Amazing product!

Greg F