Combat Corner Professional offers various levels of sponsorships. The majority of the sponsorships we offer are for gear, equipment & printing, however, we do offer some limited monetary MMA sponsorships as well.

Since 2007 Combat Corner has sponsored some of the leaders of the martial arts. We have supported and sponsored professional fights from leading organizations all over the world including the UFC, Bellator, Glory, ONE, WEC, NAFC, MCC, Lion Fights, and more.

Combat Corner has a reputation for manufacturing high quality apparel and influencing martial arts all over the world. We look for athletes that are excellent competitors, and those who will represent us in a professional manner for our MMA sponsorship programs.

Combat Corner does NOT accept every competitor from whom we receive applications for the Sponsorship Program. Submitting an application does NOT guarantee or qualify you. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed by our team for approval. You will be notified by our team if you have been approved. Please allow 90 days for application processing. For those who wish to be considered for the sponsorship program, the process starts here…