SKU: BG-NL Recruit No Logo Boxing Gloves | Black

Recruit No Logo Boxing Gloves | Black

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Economy Gloves that pack a punch

Economy priced entry level boxing gloves. We can add logos to these!

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    • Features
      • Vinyl Construction
      • Layered Padding
      • Hook & Loop Closure

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Recruit No Logo Boxing Gloves | Black

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Recruit No Logo

Excellent glove! Great quality and a great price. I use this glove as a "freebie" for new enrollees. I'm happy to provide a quality glove at a decent price for my students. Some of them have been using these gloves for about 2 years now and the gloves are still going strong.


Great Glove for Price

Perfect gloves for beginner/intermediate boxers alike at a wallet friendly price point. No complaints here

Harry Mac

Recruit No Logo Gloves

Excellent quality and price. I use these as free starter gloves for new students when they enroll and don't have their own. Highly recommended.


Perfect entry level glove.

This is not intended to be a pro glove. But it is a perfect entry level glove for beginners. Or even intermediate boxers looking for simple bag gloves. Really good shaping and feel for a beginner glove. I was very surprised. We will give a pair of these to all our beginning boxers.

James Rowley

You get what you pay for

I wanted a sturdy pair of gloves that was good for bag and padwork. That's why I wanted just plain black with no logo or anything.

The leather shell is pretty durable and does well too keep sweat off the glove. The inside is stitched well enough also. It's easy to close your hands into fist when they're inside so you don't have to worry about cramping up the forearms like you do with other gloves. They are easy to put on and easy to take off with little to no hassle. The cuffs are molded well enough so that they can just open up and the insides can air - dry on their own.

But I got the 16 oz gloves and when I compared them to other 16 oz gloves I have, I found that they were actually smaller in size compared to my older ones. When I weighed them I found that they were 15.1 and 15.2 Oz respectively. It's generally normal for gloves to be about .2 or .4 oz. But anymore and you essentially just have an overstuffed 14 oz. That's what I think the glove is in the end.

These aren't a bad pair of gloves, and are excellent if you plan to use them for practice. But what I would advise against using them is sparring and competition. If you train on the regular with those, then they will most likely last about 3 to 4 months depending on how well you keep them dry and disinfect them.

These gloves are pretty much at the golden price that you can find them for. Great for beginners, great for adepts needing an extra pair beyond sparring and fighting but that's as far as you can get

Mikey Lavan


I use theses gloves to run a promotion “free gloves when you join” the price margin allows me to happily give free gloves and still profit! And the gloves hold up very well for beginners

Shane Walker