SKU: Ath-Oil-Spr NEW Athlon Thai Oil Body Rub Spray
SKU: Ath-Oil-Spr

NEW Athlon Thai Oil Body Rub Spray


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Thai Oil formula has a smooth light guide and is very fast absorbing. Unlike other products, clothing can be worn virtually within a minute of application. The formula is not designed to be overly hot but the heat will be intensified when applied on the skin when pores are open such as after a brief warm-up or after a shower. The wintergreen scent has been reduced so as too not be as overwhelming but it retains the invigorating and beloved scent which serves to help open the nasal passages for clearer breathing.

Product Use

  • Warm-up Enhancer: Use product as a warm-up aid to prepare for physical exertion. Best applied when a brief sweat has started; apply to entire body or body areas in use while avoiding eyes, open wounds, and sensitive parts.
  • Recovery: Apply to physically exerted muscle groups or to the entire body. Avoid eyes, open wounds, and sensitive parts. Make part of your recovery and massage regime.

Product Directions

Shake bottle well until the formula is frothy. Pull up cap after the seal has been removed. Pour carefully onto available hand or directly on body part and massage liberally.

About Athlon Rub

Athlon Rub is the next generation in performance and recovery for all. It was born from time-tested formulas using only naturally derived ingredients. From the start, our goal was to produce a Thai Oil of the highest quality. Only our formula is made within quality facilities, where all production is under the strictest controls within a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Certified facility. Only Athlon Rub is certified free of banned substances (PEDs) and our break-proof container is the only Thai Oil contained in recycled BPA-Free materials with an easy-open cap.
  • Comes in a shatter-proof
  • Our flagship sports performance and recovery product
  • This is our updated take on an ancient Thai Oil formula.
WARNING: California Prop 65

NEW Athlon Thai Oil Body Rub Spray

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Athlon Thai Rub

Absolutely love this! Super convenient spray on Thai rub.

Benjamin W.

Easier to travel with

The Athlon Thai oil is pretty good so far. The bottle make and pump nozzle make it much easier to use and travel with without getting the oil on everything else in your bad. The effectiveness is right on par with the usual thai oil everyone is familiar with but with much less scent.