SKU: HMIT-BP-ODG HMIT Belly Pad | OD Green

HMIT Belly Pad | OD Green

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Muay Thai belly pad made with compact dense multi layered padding and premium cowhide leather. Protect yourself while holding pads for the heaviest hitters. Handmade in Thailand with premium cowhide leather and dense padding, this set is built to take a beating.

  • 100% Cowhide Construction
  • Hook & Loop Velcro Closures
  • One Size Fits Most
WARNING: California Prop 65

HMIT Belly Pad | OD Green

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HMIT Belly Pad

I just bought this belly pad and I love how I am able to incorporate more aggressive pad holding allowing my training partner to also counter my offenses with knees, teeps and/or body punches. The padding is great, protects me well. Also, I am a smaller person (5’6”, 129 lbs) and this pad adjusts down to accommodate my size without huge back strap over hang. I own and love the HMIT series of pads, and this one met my level of expectations and then some.

Jenny Zeppenfeldt