How to Care For Your Gi

Posted by Jason Corgiat on Jul 28th 2020


How to Properly Care For Your Gi

Start With a Quality Gi

It sounds obvious, we know. But just listen up for a second. At Combat Corner we are on a relentless pursuit to create the best MMA gear on the planet. In 2007 Dan LaSavage started Combat Corner because he was currently a professional fighter frustrated with the typical quality of gear. In regards to a gi specifically, there are plenty of options out there. However, the quality of fabric, the weave and craftsmanship all make a huge difference in longevity. Educate yourself on what makes the best BJJ gi. Below are 2 examples of high quality BJJ gis.

If you are training for BJJ/Jiu Jitsu, you know your gi is an important part of your training gear. Having a well-made, good fitting gi is important. Keeping that gi in top performing shape requires some care and attention.

To keep your gi looking in top form, here are things you should do:

  • Wash your gi after every class or tournament. It will keep it looking clean and smelling fresh.
  • Wash your gi by itself. You have more control over the cleaning process when you wash it alone.
  • Before you put your gi in the washing machine, turn it inside out. This will help protect the patches that are applied to your gi.
  • Stains are inevitable. To get rid of those stains, it is best to presoak your gi, usually cold water is best. What this will do is help loosen those stains and make it easier for the washing machine to do its job. The sooner you presoak your stained gi, the easier it will be to remove those stains.
  • If your gi is really smelly, add a ½ cup of vinegar to your presoak. This will help remove those unpleasant odors.
  • Use a good quality detergent to wash your gi.
  • When washing your gi, cold water will be your friend. It will help prevent your gi from shrinking and losing shape.
  • After you remove your gi from the washing machine, hang it on a sturdy hanger. Let it air dry in a well ventilated space. This will help keep it looking its best and smelling good.

To get the most life out of your gi, these things you should NOT do:

  • Do not leave your gi in your gym bag, especially if it is dirty and smelly. This can cause the fabric to break down over time.
  • Never use bleach on your gi. Bleach can discolor your patches, and weaken the fabric of your gi.
  • Fabric softeners are not recommended for cleaning your gi. They can break down the fibers and cause your gi to lose its shape and strength over time.
  • Never use hot water to wash your gi. Hot water, and even warm water, can shrink your gi.
  • Do not use a machine dryer to dry your gi, this will lead to your gi shrinking and that is not a good thing. Tumble drying is also hard on the fabric of your gi.
  • Do not iron your gi. Ironing your gi can lead to problems especially with the collar.

Taking care of your gi will ensure it lasts for a long time. Taking care of our gi will help you look and feel your best in training and competition.

The fastest way to lose is to stink.

- Jason Corgiat